Conan The Religious Dog


This story come from sakura country. Yeah, it's Japan. A dog at southern japan trying to mimic his master, a zen monk, in southern japan temple. What a smart and religious dog, i thought.

The one and half year old chihuahua dog named conan, like the detective's name from comic meitantei conan, as on the image above try to follow his master's praying position by uniting its hand's palm in front of its face and maintain it.

His master said that it only took a few days for him to learn the motion. Immediately, tourists flock into the temple after these news was spread across the nation. Of course they're interested to see the dog praying.

Not satisfied taught the dog praying, his master tried to let the dog learn how to meditate but, of course not to put his leg crossing which is impossible, hahaha. Only sitting still while his master meditate. So when the his master meditate, he can join the ritual. Conan as a dog can be so religious like that, why couldn't we ?

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