Cause Drinking Coffe in Starbucks is Too Mainstream, So Try It on Clouds Instead


This is what the good life looks like. The Crown Prince of Dubai, Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, recently shared a breathtaking video of the city's skyline. And it will both terrify you and make you green with envy at the same time. In the video posted on Instagram, the Crown Prince, who goes by the handle @faz3, has captured the Dubai skyline, including the Burj Khalifa, shrouded in a blanket of white mist.

It's like the skyscrapers are floating in the clouds. The video shows Sheikh Hamdan, 34, casually sipping his cuppa in the gorgeous setting. "A world of opportunities lie beneath," he says on Instagram.

Since being shared on December 6, the video has clocked over 8.1 lakh views and 2.7 lakh 'likes' on Instagram. "That is just an amazing sight," says one commenter. "It's good view. One day I wanna go there," says another.

Source: faz3

A day earlier, Fazza, as he's popularly called, shared a stunning picture of the skyline too.

Source: faz3

Source: NDTV [Amrita Kohli]

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